2014 is here, and while the New Year celebrations have come down to settle, we here are hiphoplists.com are ready to give you the fresh stuff. Itching to get your hands on the newest songs by your favorite artists this year? Check out our list below to get started in getting dirty. Start the new year right by listening to the exciting new stuff the year has to offer.


10. Billboard.com

Billboard.com is an authority in music, spanning all types of music. While today smaller circles and websites have replaced Billboard in matters of musical comprehensiveness, Billboard.com is still a giant in popular music. If you wanted to get the most authentic Top 40 list and is into mainstream hip hop stuff, then hover around to Billboard.com and get your cut.


9. DJBooth.net

DJBooth is the go-to site for DJs who wanted to know what tracks get the most number of dancers in their sets. It presents its tracks in list format, which are updated more than once daily according to the number of plays and referrals they get all throughout the internet. DJBooth.com is trusted by professional DJs and there is absolutely no reason for you not to.

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8. Hotnewhiphop.com

If you wanted new hip hop music on a daily basis, organized in chart form, with an instant play button, and finally, a bunch of other goodies on the trunk, hotnewhiphop.com is the site for you. While its dizzying condensed website may dismay the uninitiated visitor, learning to navigate through this site’s gigantic pastische of info is sure a necessary labor to get the most out of the hip hop bone they serve.

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7. Bandcamp.com

Bandcamp.com is perhaps as underground as you may get. You do not have the standard news feeds here. All you have is the most listened to records and the hottest new artists. You are certain that the artists you are listening to here are mostly independently, experimental and downright anti-mainstream. If your taste is more inclined to ‘new’ new sounds, then pack up and head to Bandcamp. It would be one hell of a journey.

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6. Ughh.com

Ughh.com or Underground Hiphop dot com is again of those sites that have focused on making underground stuff emerge to the surface. With their crews discerningly choosing the best among the heap, ughh.com is sure to give any visitor a dope dose of unfamiliar sounds beyond the scope of commercialized repetitive mainstream bullcrap.

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5. Rap.about.com

About.com is the standard come-one-come-all website of almost everything there is in the wide expanse of the internet. But who would have known that about.com is also a great deliverer of new hip hop music? Visit rap.about.com and you can look through the latest artists and music around the internet. Interact with fellow users and check out the stuff they recommend. Although the site is constantly changing and is confusing, you are rest assured that there is no media politics going on in there.

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4. Rapbasement.com

Rapbasement.com is dedicated solely, as you may surmise, to the underground, and they never fail to deliver. The underground is such a wide and competitive spot, but the guys as rapbasement.com obviously know their stuff. Browse through their huge database which is updated weekly and be an amateur critic by listening to the latest demos and EPs circulating in the hood. The basement has never known more sunlight than in this awesome website.

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3. Hiphopearly.com

Have you dreamed of a site where you can listen only the newest, underexposed music that has the potential to grow in the future?Hiphopearly.com certainly catches the worm with its knowledgeable foresight. Its crew scours the most obscure sites, clubs and other spots where they can hear the next big thing. If you are on the lookout for new and underrated talent, hiphopearly.com must certainly be the Mecca for you. Prepare and open your mind for the unheard of new stuff.

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2. Hiphopdx.com

Hiphopdx.com is one of the top authorities when it comes to the latest news and music in the world of hip hop. More than a music site, hiphopdx.com has its eyes on everything, so you are rest assured that whatever news you are reading right now on their site, its content has been checked and verified in lieu of the larger scheme of things. With such an exhaustive and expansive type of music gathering, it is needless to say that you can never go wrong checking out their ‘what’s fresh?’ list.

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1. Allhiphop.com

For the final entry to our list, it seems that the name says it all. Allhiphop.com is insanely updated, featuring almost everything that happens around the globe, from news, rumors, the latest videos and even the upcoming shows and releases. The site is dedicated to comprehensive yet condensed reporting that will delight anyone who’s sight is on the latest hip hop music radar. For all intents and purposes, allhiphop.com may be the best site to suit your needs for the fresh.


What do you think of our list? Wanted to include a site or two? Do you have any observations on the sites we have recommended on our list? Hit the comments sections and let us know! Let us make this list better for our fellow hip hop fans.