Still so far before 2013 ends, still more music to enjoy, but we can already wrap up the best mixtapes of 2013, so far. And so far, so good. With our selection coming from the mainstream to underground, let us get into the core of things with this list. Coming up at number 10 is:


10. Trunk Muzik Returns- Yelawolf

Yelawolf sure is coming back with new guns and the beats to make you palpitate, especially now he has A$AP Rocky, Paul Wall and Big K.R.I.T. on his hood. With his Radioactive reaching the sales half-life and giving some heat to Yelawolf’s reputation, Trunk Muzik Returns is an invitation to expound the Yelaworld myth which can only go harder, nastier.

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9. Welcome to the Forever- Logic

And a strange, strange world it seems, to Logic specifically, as can be heard in his mixtape Welcome to the Forever. Initially dismissed as gimmicky and pretentious when in comes to his rapping flow, Logic seem to have learned to take away some technicality and logic (pun somewhat intended) from his style into a more human approach, which brought new attention into the DMV music scene. Yet he can never change his style, and personally we like him as he is.

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8. Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II- Bas

Here again goes another new kid, this time in J. Cole’s tutelage. The sales duel between Kanye West and J. Cole may have left a lot of casualties in term of respect, but it can never b doubted that one of the more positive things that can be said is the emergence of Bas from the Queens. Now, what does the mixtape title even mean? And more so, why Bas? The kid certainly has a lot of opportunity’s to introduce into the game, as proven in this poignant mixtape.

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7. King Remembered in Time- Big K.R.I.T.

When we speak of the South we cannot always avoid touching on stereotypes. This also runs the same with hip hop, with 2 Chainz and B.o.B being considered as bannermen of the South’s sound. Then here comes Big K.R.I.T. with a new mixtape at hand, bringing us that new beats can emerge apart from what we expect. Spiced with an otherworldly, if not extremely egoistic feel, Big K.R.I.T.’s King Remembered in Time must not be forgotten in this list.

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6. Life Changes- Casey Veggies

Jay Z’s Roc Nation label is not known to be the most benevolent of labels when in comes to producing ‘experimental’/ new sound. Yet when Casey Veggies released his first mainstream project Life Changes, he asserted his identity without sacrificing his soul to the commercialistic devil. Producing a somewhat The Roots-like sound in the vein of their Things Fall Apart-era, Casey Veggies is going on a rather different, more organic, direction compared to his technology-driven comrades. Wherever he is driven to, he surely is lifting off smoothly.

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5. New Jet City- Curren$y

What will you have if you have a mixtape with Trinidad James, Rick Ross, Juicy J, among others, collaborating, drowning in Southern-inpired beats, curated by none other than Curren$y? You’ll have New Jet City, a gritty, dirty and all in all mindblowing treat of a mixtape. One can only listen to this record not without banging your head in some imagined wall, revelling in awesomeness.

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4. Acid Rap- Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape is perhaps one of the most disconcerting records of the year. Chance’s weird but goofy style of rapping, topped with sick, stoner-friendly beats, and of course, some wild but critical lyrics that seem to come from nowhere, Acid Rap is pleasant ride into the more esoteric, yet humorous, plains of hip hop music. You’ll never encouter 2 to 3 minutes of hoe music on this one; every song is a long journey into the mind of Chance, and contrary to what rap purists may say, the journey is worth embarking. Light that thing before listening to this stuff!

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What we have here is perhaps one of the most anticipated releases on the year. After shaking the hip hop world with his first mixtape, LIVE.LOVE.A$AP , A$AP Rocky has always been at everybody’s radar. With his big debut LONG.LIVE.A$AP, A$AP is bringing the future of hip hop by dishing out collaborative songs with new alternative rappers and artists from around the world. Listen to his single “Fuckin’ Problems” and you’ll see what we mean.

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J. Cole was considered a prodigy in his earlier years and fortunately, he was not a disappointment. Leading an upward trajectory in his career, his Born Sinner is the latest and so far the best in terms of his rapping and his production skills. Slick from the beginning to end, this mixtape is heaven-sent to those who love J. Cole’s rapping style and beats that flow smooth like butter.


1. Yeezus- Kanye West

Kanye polarized fans with this release, leaving a lot to question what direction he is leading now that his old style seem to be now a part of the past. Nevertheless, Kanye’s drone/ electronic/ hip hop style is a welcome attempt of change and moving forward, and as for any art, hip hop music including, Yeezus will be worth its place for it is radical and of course, remains dope.


What do you think of our list? Did we missed a mixtape you wanted us to include? Drop by our comments section let us know what is in your head! Until the next post!