The internet is such a wonderful place. You can get the latest infos, news, happenings literally in seconds after they happened. But it also is a place where misinformation is almost as prevalent as people wearing hipster glasses. While hip hop sites are, to some extent, reliable source of information, you can always go into a down-right-under hip hop blog to get to the ‘other side’ of the news. Here is a list of the best hip hop blogs that is set to give you only the good, healthy stuff.


9. Dyazyfeel-

No matter what anyone says, hip hop is an old genre. Believe it or not, many hiphop enthusiasts have dedicated their online lives to sharing uncovered/ discovered hip hop material. Dyazyfeel is one of these benevolent hip hop archeologists, bringing his readers reviews of underrated hip hop albums, essays about unheard of producers and hip hop artists, practically anything related to hiphop. If you are in for the latest news, the Dyazyfeel may not be your best option, but if you wanted trivias, reviews and other interesting stuff to fill in your hip hop history, you better check this out.

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8. You Heard That New- was included in this list because it consciously tries to separate itself from the mainstream hip hop news. Youheardthatnew doesn’t seem to get its news from the endless repetitive, media-hyped news of the internet, but from the streets themselves. The guys from youheardthatnew have the noses and ears for the new dope. You can see unfamiliar new artists in their blog site, and you might find your new favorite artists right there. You heard that, right?

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7. This is 50- is your all-in-one go-to site for the freshest hip hop happenings. From the latest gossips, albums launches and reviews straight from the oven, insightful opinions, and even downright funny articles just for your own entertainment, Thisis50 is one of hiphop blogs you must really check out if you wanted to get into the loop. The site is also bustling with user activity, so you can share your opinions and just diss the hell out of an article for the sake of it..ahem, no, maybe not that.

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6. Kanye University-

Some people may object with us includng Kanye’s blog here, but com’on, you can get your latest Kanye news from the man himself. His blog mainly features his latest releases, videos or perhaps sample pictures from his fashion manager, all available in HD. Visiting the site is like going into the man’s closet himself which leads, yes you are right, into some eye-pleasing hip hop Narnia.

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5. Onsmashh-

Onsmashh is all about the attitude, the swag. While Thisis50 and other hip hop news sites are more inclined to deliver the news with professional non-chalance, is intent to serve it with a little spice, and more. The site is less of a news site but a personal hip hop blog, where you can get the an alternative stream of hip hop news presented in a way as if it is really talking to you. It is truly in strange places where we can find the pleasure of reading.


4. MissInfo- is an entertainment blog, so if you wanted to streamline your hip hop news to the hottest in the industry, check out Miss Info’s blog. All the news, mixtapes, happenings and other hoopla are there in MissInfo’s trademark pinky lay-out. Who wouldn’t want to take things light from time to time, yeah?

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3. CocaineBlunts- is as badass as its name connotes. But more than news and all the usual hoopla, is steadfast in its mission to give its readers the natural high of reading hip hop stuff.

Jampacked with significant and insignificant bits of info to satisfy all readers, the blog is all but low end for any visitor craving to score some stuff. Visit the site and roll that baby up.

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2. 2 Dope Boyz-

What type of blog updates more than three times a day, yet staying lively and varied? is, and that is the truth. The blog boasts a slick, minimalist lay out, perfect for quick browsings, and without all the ads that mess up the browser’s speed and make reading such a chore. It is up in almost all of the lists which features the top ten hip hop blogs around the web, and you better check out the reason why.

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1. Nah Right-

What is the best hip hop blog? Such a difficult thing to answer, but nah, right. Unassuming, straight to the deck, and insanely updated, nahright is *perhaps* the best hip hop blog right now. For such a simple blog, the boys at certainly knows how to do their jobs. They do not simply copy and paste news from big hip hop sites: they scour every available source of news for the freshest stuff, like social networking sites, Youtube (of course), and even streaming sites such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp. You’ll never see that kind of variety in a blog, anywhere. So is the best? You bet it is.


So what do you think of our list? You have any suggestions, contentions on what must be excluded, included, other whatnot? Hit us right in the jaw bone or tap our backs– leave us a comment below! Then let’s talk real.