We love hip hop because this genre doesn’t require us to learn music theory or whatnot to appreciate it; you just need to love the groove. But while hip hop production is not as easy as frying pancakes, you too can make your own song by rapping over some buttery smooth beat. Ready to start making your own hip hop track? Here is a list of the best websites to get your beats and start wording up in no time.

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8. Primebeats.com

Browse Primebeats.com has a long catalogue of slick beats, where you can choose if you want some East Coast gangsta, Urban Dance, Trap, or any other type of hiphop feel to your liking. Primebeats.com also has a blog that you can browse to get the feel of their site. According to their site, their beats are primed for artists like “Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, D12, Travis Porter, G-Unit, DJ Khaled, Three Six Mafia, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Wu-Tang Clan and many more.” Don’t hesitate to put yourself in that list.


7. Hiphopbeatfactory.com

Hiphopbeatfactory.com has an awful lot of beats that will help you in getting that perfect track for your song. You can choose the genre of the beat you wanted (East Coast, Dirty South, etc), hover around the webmasters and check out their beats, and even set a transaction using only your smartphone.

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6. Hiphopcrashbeats.com

Hiphopcrashbeats.com boasts a talented roster of producers, an increasing number of exquisite beats, and a reliable paying system. You can visit their site and check out their testimonials page, or you can hover around their djs’ profiles. Listen to some sample tracks in their slick webpage so you can get a taste of the beats you may get.


5. MyBeatshop.com

Much like the previous two sites, MyBeatshop has a number of producers sharing their beats in the site. You can create an account and log in to their awesome array of beats of varying moods, samples, and styles.


4. Worldhiphopbeats.com

There is so much to be checked out at worldhiphopbeats.com, encompassing genres from funk to glitch-hop. For free. While their roster of producers are also producing a ton of quality beats that you can buy, their free beats are also worth listening, perfect if you plan on knowing your producer’s style first before settling on a set of beats and samples.


3. Youtube.com

Oops, are we seeing Youtube.com again on this list? You bet you are. Youtube is undeniably one of the largest social networking sites available for any aspiring artist. While there are certainly a ton load of crap being chugged out by a lot of users in Youtube, looking for genuine networks and real talent in this wide world of videos is bound to result in big discoveries. Push your way around and look for great beats. The comments section will surely help you in knowing what is nope and what is dope.

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2. Dopetracks.com

Speaking of what is dope, Dopetracks.com is awesome, not only because it succeeds in fulfilling its taglines, “Record, Collab, Compete” but also because its community is so large and dynamic that it could keep you busy for life. You can post your own records and let other users rate your tracks, or you can team up with other producers to complete your unfinished song. You can also meet lot of talented hip hop enthusiasts and check out their sites. Or of course, you can post your own beats and revel in your own awesomeness.

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1. Soundclick.com, Soundcloud.com

These sites are more social networking sites than beat selling sites, but being in one of the largest music cloud sharing sites is a large plus for any aspiring artists in this age of web technology. Many fellow hip hop artists are are inching their way in Sounclick.com, Soundcloud.com, and other similar sites, and you are sure to find a lot of gems there. Also, many artists have links to their blogs and pages their, so you can check out more of them from there. Of course you need to contact the beat makers in case you are interested in using/buying their beat.


So, what do you think of our list? Do you not agree with some of websites we included in our list? Can you suggest a couple of websites worth checking out to be included in our list? Let’s talk about it in the comments section and see what we can do about that. ‘Til the next list, see you all folks.