If hip hop is a lot about style, then what is more stylish than the shine that jewelry has? The most successful hip hop artists wear their bling bling as a sign of pride for being successful players in their game, of being at the top, and eventually hip hop jewelry culture has caught on with its wave of players and brands winking at celebrieties and fans alike with their glitter. Find out who are those who rule the game in our list of the top brands of hip hop jewelry.

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8. Cream Jewelry Best

For a company with such an odd name, Cream Jewelry Best delivers as one of the most reliable online retailers of hip hop jewelry. Clients can pick their blings online or commission their artists to create their own customized piece. With such a highly competitive environment, Cream Jewelry Best is one of the most respected brands for the common hip hop enthusiast.


7. Invicta/ Adee Kaye/ Wolfe Watch

On the head goes the cap, around the neck goes the necklace, around the fingers goes the ring, and around the wrist nothing goes best than a spanking new Invicta or Adee Kaye watch. Both these brands started the large wristwatch trend in hip hop, allowing customers to customize their watch with more options and perhaps, more diamonds to sprinkle around their watch’s face. Wolfe Watch is reportedly planning to release a line of their large wristwatches, and heck, you can already hear the wolves circling around the prey.


6. Shamballa Jewels

Straight out of Copenhagen, Shamballa Jewels is now famously worn in public display by different celebrities, including hip hop artists, most notably Jay Z. Shamballa Jewels’ brand of glamour is not about straigh-ahead showing-off of riches, since most of the jewelry in their line are pendants and bracelets, influence by Buddhist or Zen philosophies. The more serious rappers are getting their piece to express their fine taste and their own alternative lifestyles. Shamballa jewels is bling for the thinking man.


5. Iced Out Gear

Iced Out Gear has one of the most diverse collection of hip hop jewelry today, with selections ranging from chains and crossess to ‘grillz’ (braces) and rosaries– all completely iced out, all bling with the sting. Their price range is accomodating and flexible, it depends on your immediate needs, but all are made of genuine materials and are legit to the core.


4. TraxNYC

One of the few hip hop jewelry brands commisioned by hip hop celebrities to create their own customized bling-bling, TraxNYC has been sought and endorsed by artists such as Pharell, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and a lot more. Their intricate designs are sure to pique the interest of the robbers, but then, also of the girls. You gotta pay the price.


3. 212 Diamond City

Lying at the core of New York City’s ‘Diamond District,’ 212 Diamond City’s headquarters is the source of a lot of glam and fam that many hip hop artists, enthusiasts, and fans are showing off in the streets. As one of the premier hip hop jewelry brands, 212 Diamond City continues to dominate the game, perhaps until who knows when.


2. Jacob & Co.

Jacob Arabo is certainly one of the most important jewelers’ in hip hop. Creating designs for celebrities ranging from Biggie Smalls to Shaq, his heavily-iced watches and pendants price up to more than a million bucks. Trusted by a lot of the biggest hip hop names, Arabo’s Jacob & Co. proves its place at this list with blinding shine and glitter.


1. Joe Rodeo

Nothing beats Joe Rodeo’s established authority as one of the leading brands in hip hop jewelry. Emerging as a respectable brand in the 80s, Joe Rodeo started making waves in New York City with its diamond-studded watches, rings, and pendants made for every person of every shape and size. See Jay Z and Snoop Dogg sport this wears and see what are talking about.


What do you think of our list? Did we miss something? Contribute your knowledge with us! Come by the comments section and let us hear what you have in mind. Until the next post!