Hip hop music is changing every day and every hour, newer and newer beats are waiting up the line to be heard. To keep updated of the latest and the hottest, we can always hook up to the web and check our thing. What sites give us the most reliable information we need? Here is a list of sites where you can see their lists of the best in hip hop. Coming up for number 10 is:


10. Kexp.org

What drew us to kexp.org’s site is more than the slick web design (but it is part of that) but its great charts for hip hop (and other) music. You can listen, buy, check out the songs that come up in their comprehensive list of the best in hip hop for the week. They update their charts daily, so do not worry about being left out in the scene.

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9. Reverbnation.com

Reverbnation.com is one of the largest breeding grounds for new artists and upcoming talent, but they also deliver in bringing us reliable charts for our hip hop music updating needs. Hover around their categories and look for hip hop, and you will not only discover what is hot, but you can also check other artists who are not getting the limelight they deserve. Reverbnation.com is perfect for discovering what is grilling in the charts and looking for newer talents to cook up in the oven.

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8. Mtvbase.com

We have nothing but respect for MTV despite all the crap they’ve been bringing with its programs these past few decades. Their charts remain to be admirably updated and reflective of what listeners are actually listening and voting up in their personal preferences. It helps a lot being a pop culture giant, MTV is, so go ahead and check their charts at MTVbase.com.

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7. Youtube.com

Of course there is Youtube.com, one of the largest, if not the largest video streaming sites in the Web. You can easily check their ‘trending’ page and type in hip hop, arrange the results into the ones with the most views of the week, the day, or even the hour. While this limits your search for the most ‘popular’, and something popular is not always something top notch hip hop, you can get a feel of the pulse of hip hop mainstream music scene, and of course watch some music video too.

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6. Apple.com- ItunesĀ 

Who can say that you Apple’s charts for hip hop music cannot be relied on? Their charts are based on album and song sales from their iTunes store. Since a lot of listeners today are buying their music digitally, Apple’s charts made from digital transactions certainly hold water. And guess, what, you can easily check their charts from your iTunes tab on your portable device: no more need to browse the net if you are into a very busy day.


5. Hiphoplead.com

What makes a chart worth checking out relies on how it was constructed. Hiphoplead is one of those sites that you can confidently say speaks the truth. Aside from the great site design and the links provided to help familiarize yourself with the songs in the playlist, their charts are updated weekly. Hiphoplead.com gathers their information from a lot of sites, coming from number of plays, mentions in hashtags, and personal ratings from listeners. Comprehensive, compact and pleasing to the eye, Hiphoplead.com can be your source of the information for the next hip hop track you are itching to hear.

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4. Iomoio.com

You can listen and download to your favorite hip hop songs at iomoio.com, but you can also check out their charts. Their charts are made from reliable statistics, like number of downloads, listens, etc which makes a chart virtually a picture of the what is hitting the streets and the alleys of other listeners’ eardrums. Their site also features a tab where you can check the other charts specific in their location or genre, like the top tunes in the UK or Canada perhaps. Diversify your search for the next track for your media device by hovering around their site.

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3. Topsify.com

Topsify.com boasts a large number of users. It is precisely this characteristic that makes the site special, for not many sites have reliable charts of hip hop music because of their users’ demographics. Topsify.com separates itself from the others by having a large variety of users who have different tastes and differences and providing a live updating chart that gives a picture of what are listeners are currently listening to.


2. Djbooth.com

Djbooth creates playlist (which automatically becomes a chart) by adding the number of plays and ratings their users are giving to their songs. Like last.fm, pandora.com, topsify.com and similar sites, DJBooth.com generates charts that are coming straight from the ears of our fellow hip hop listeners themselves. This is specifically great for those who wanted to really know what is hot among listeners, what is overhyped by the media, and what songs are totally clicking and legit.

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1. RapGenius.com

RapGenius is more than a hip hop encyclopedia of sorts; it is a community of legit hip hop fans who wanted to share their interpretations of rap lyrics, newly discovered artists, opinions, and links. The site is respected by a lot of hip hop fans and, interestingly, literature majors who are into hiphop. Other than the usual goodies that you can gather from this site, their top list of the best hiphop songs of the week or the month are worth checking out because they come from the enthusiasts themselves. If you are a serious hip hop music fan who wanted to get the real deal, RapGenius is the spot.

So, there you go , our list of the best sites to check out for their hip hop music sites. Maybe you can suggest one or two we might have left out? Spill you beans at our comment section and we will promptly holler back at you!