We have seen how rap music has ruled the radio waves all throughout the 2000s. This momentum and mammoth acceptance for hip hop genre has continued and followed us even in the previous year. There were literally tons of rap songs that made it to the top of the charts. What we have done here is tried our level best to come up with the 10 songs of this genre that rocked the world last year.


10. “Turn on the Lights” by Future

The sad robot of hip hop, Future comes up with an adorable list of qualities that he wishes to find in his dream girl. We all found the lyrics very catchy… especially the cute lines “Turn on the lights, I’m looking for her too; I heard she keep her promises and never cheat on you”.



9. “Goldie” by A$AP Rocky

The special thing about this number is that you get to hear a much deeper voice of Rocky, full of bass. He preaches how regional boundaries are not for him and how he does not consider it a crime.




8. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Big K.R.I.T.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a journey into K.R.I.T.’s childhood, in the form of a flipbook video. While the video is a big reason for the success, one cannot ignore the amazing rap. He talks about how his fortunes turned when he received golden nuggets from his old man.


7. “Stay Schemin” (ft. Drake and French Montana) by Rick Ross

Stay Schemin has been an overall success last year. The acceptance of this song was literally unassailable. Tons of freestyles, battle raps and remixes took inspirations from this song. Let us also not forget the extremely confusing slang called fanute, which was added to the rap lingo.



6. “Oldie” by Odd Future

Oldie is nothing short of a hit that changed it all for Odd Future. The gnarly verses of Tyler are extremely well complemented by the rap of Frank Ocean. It also features the peculiar shots by Hodgy Beats and lateral passing by Earl. We also loved the video and how it manages to reflect the verses and the intent of the band members.



5. “Grown Up” by Danny Brown

It is time for reminiscing the past. Brown cleverly uses pulsing piano and hissing snares to revisit his boyhood. There is something we all can associate to when Danny Brown sings “Remember when my first meal was school lunch”. The best thing about this number is the progression that it has, which is parallel to the various stages of Brown’s life. Reflective perfectionism and an equally well directed video made this song one of the best last year.


4. “Mercy” by Good Music

Mercy is an all rounder of a treat. Here you will get to enjoy a piece of each rapper’s obsession. There is enough mention of ass in this song to make you horny and enough millions to brag about to make you feel a millionaire! Whenever we play this song, we get thoroughly enjoyed and this track still is on repeats.



3. “The Full Retard” by El-P

El-P sure is a highly skilled rapper that has got it all going on for him. The discussions on El-P are usually centered on the potent production that he has. This song is no exception and he quite cleverly rhymes the rap verses, sticking to the topic and also making sure he avoids any punchlines in the way. What makes his rap so special is once when you get to listen to it, you are sure that only he can pull it off. With The Full Retard, he intends to kill the five years lapse between I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead and Cancer 4 Cure. The good news is… he successfully manages to do that! If you haven’t checked this number out, you have missed out a lot of blustering beats and taut rhymes.


2. “Cartoon & Cereal” (ft. Gunplay) by Kendrick Lamar

Here is audio biography at its grittiest! Kendrick Lamar has come up with perhaps the song of his career. Here he reflects how the world looks like to a little kid. The way he plays in light and dark is commendable. With thought provoking verses such as “you was holding the handgun, she was giving birth”, this song makes you wonder. And to add as the cherry on the icing, Gunplay makes sure there is no bit of the song not worth applauses.


1. “Reagan” by Killer Mike

And the winner of 2012 is… Killer Mike’s Reagan. Yes, this song is a recollection of whatever happened in the country’s politics. As the name suggests, this song is a full blown criticism of the oppressive policies that Reagan’s rule had. It also criticizes the controversial Iran-Contra scandal. What makes this rap song is not just the issue it tries to highlight and the balls Mike showed while putting his point of view on the plate; but also the fact that all of this is quite masterfully done by him. To make this track a classic, El-P provides the walk-on music.


So here is the list of the top 10 list that we have chosen for you lot. Of course you guys are all welcome to comment and let us know of which of these songs did you enjoy the most. We would also like you to tell us which tracks you would have liked to see in this list. One thing is for certain – 2012 sure has been an amazing year for hip hop music and the bar has just gone higher for this year!