We all know that rap music and hip hop has got a lot to do with the way these celebrities dress up. And when it comes to dressing up, the “bling bling” sure does add up to the character. Over decades we have seen quite a few chains that have caught our eye. Here, we will be talking about ten of the most dazzling chains that were great to look at and sure were worth every single cent spent on them.

10. Nigo’s $ Sign Chains by Jacob the Jeweler (2002)

Estimated Value: $4,000,000

Even though not very active in the rapping industry, Nigo surely has been an essential part of the hip hop scene and so has his fashion. While his clothing brand has sold around a billion dollars, it is his $ Sign Chains that really got it going. This chain really demonstrated that Nigo is a player in real cash and the sign ain’t a joke. The sign weighed a staggering 1800 grams while another 1200 to 1500 grams was added by the chains. This chain will stay among the favorites for quite some time.



Estimated Value: $40,000

Nas became a trendsetter with this chain. When it came out, it was the biggest thing out there. And while it is a little old now, it still keeps coming back with revamps and a little alteration in styling. For many reasons, this rather old school style makes the chain even more appealing as it defines an era. With actual gold and diamonds, this QB chain is now a definite classic.


8. Gorilla Zoe’s “Don’t Feed The Gorillas” Chain by IceBox Jewelry (2009)

Estimated Value: $115,000

The “Don’t Feed the Gorillas” Chain sure is a very bold chain to be included in the list with people either loving it or hating the entire idea. However, if you look at the detail, IceBox Jewelry’s Mo and Zahir sure did pull off a stunner. These young cats have managed to load up at least 60 carats in black diamonds. But the main thing about this chain is that it defines to be a beast of a chain which threatens other artists to not challenge the fashion statement.


7. Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg Outlawz Chains (Unknown)

Estimated Value: $275,000

With the Boss Hogg Outlawz Chains, Slim told the world who’s the boss! Being to the point, this chain redefined Southern jewelry, which was rather humble before this. Not only is this piece super funky icey, but also a heavy piece of metal. One of the best touches on this chain are the iced out Figaro.


6. Kanye West’s Horus Chain by Jacob the Jeweler (2010)

Estimated Value: $300,000

Talking about fashion statements and excluding Kanye West? Not in a million years! While this piece of jewelry might not be entirely gold, it sure is one hell of an eye catcher. This chain definitely goes HAM! It also shows that Kanye is now the royalty and the chosen one in the modern hip hop music scene.


5. Jonas’ LRG Chains by Ben Baller (Unkown)

Estimated Value: $3,200,000

My main man Jonas RIP was the showstopper when it came to yellow gold game. We all fell in love with the VVS1 diamond Cuban chains that he wore, which weighed a whopping 2 kilos. The Jonas head was so sick it made other rappers look like amateurs. With such heavy jewelry, we are sure he must be rocking with Jesus up in paradise. Miss you my brother!


4. Lil Jon’s “Crunk Ain’t Dead” Chain by Jason of Beverly Hills (2007)

Estimated Value: $500,000

Alright enough of the little talk – now the real big players come to business! This chain is not for the rookies. It made to the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of the biggest diamond chain. The piece itself is extremely huge and is flooded with diamonds. And on top of that is the heavy weight gold chain, shaped up as a rope. Touché to the immaculate craftsmanship by Jason of Beverly Hills!


3. Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full” Chains (1987)

Estimated Value: $100,000 per piece

Coming up with such a fine masterpiece back in the 80s sure was something special. Not only Paid In Full is one of the best hip hop albums, it had the sickest chains in the album cover, worn by Rakim and Eric B. With the shining Mercedes Benz pendants and anchor pendants, they became the ones to turn heads. And we believe these dope chains will continue to turn heads just because these medallions are supremely unique.


2. Slick Rick’s Whole Set (1988)

Estimated Value: $250,000

Slick Rick loaded him so much with gold that nobody ever dared to f*** with him! There is absolutely no other hip hop artist out there who would’ve managed to pull off such chains. The Whole Set is wholeheartedly a heavy duty job. I mean just look this pic of his. Does he look like a guy who doesn’t know what he wants? No! And he continues to impress.


1. Mike Jones’ Ice Age Chain by King Johnny (2009)

Estimated Value: $1,000,000

So who takes the cake? Well it is ICE AGE worn by Mike Jones. This chain shape is fresh and never done before. The medallion has a whopping 100+ carat diamond held by a macaroni shaped chain. With these chains, you are definitely going to look iced out, 360 degrees. This will be our winner any given day and with the chain Mike Jones has definitely marked his place in the world of hip hop fashion.

We hope you fell in love with many of these chains. Do share with us your opinions about this top 10 list.