WorldstarHiphop.com is a phenomenon, and perhaps will always be one of the best aggregates of hiphop content in the web. But the internet is a vast world, certainly there are sites out there that can be better than what WSHH is bringing out. Here are some of the alternatives to WSHH that you should check out.

10. Allhiphop.com

Allhiphop.com definitely lives up to its name in the world of hiphop media. Featuring the hottest hip hop music, news, lifestyle, gossip, opinion, practically everything related to hiphop, allhiphop.com is a great site for anyone who wanted to know what is happening in the hiphop scene.

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9. Ughh.com

Ughh is a really witty name for a site which features new sounds. Underground Hiphop or Ughh.com has a nifty homepage where anyone interested to listening to underground and alternative can easily browse through. The site is also great for anyone who is looking for hiphop accessories. Ughh.com’s best upside is its lively community of users who share music, links and news. Unlike other hiphop sites wherein the news is pretty much what is already trending out there, ughh is the brewing ground for the up and coming.


8. Xxlmag.com

Check out what’s fresh and at large in xxlmag.com with its engaging articles and featured news. Its blog-type homepage is great for those who are interested in reading interviews and opinions on and from the hiphop artists themselves. No more need to buy a printed magazine when xxlmag.com already features the news you need, on the go.

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7. Hiphopdx.com

Get the most sensible album reviews, news, and listen to the hottest mixtapes in town in hiphopdx.com.You can also watch videos and check release dates of the popular hiphop artists of today.


6. Poppinmedia.com

WSHH is popular because of its interesting videos, but Poppinmedia.com goes beyond WSHH’s usual goofery. There are a lot of funny videos featuring or related to hiphop artists and lifestyle in the site. Check them out.

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5. Vladtv.com

You can have your hiphop news anywhere on the internet, but vladtv.com is different. Vladtv’s website is less formal and stiff than other hiphop sites, but you can really sense that this is what separates them from the others. Check out news and video that will not usually be featured in other sites. While having the same humor and urban media feel as WSHH, it is different in presentation, and way more digestible than most of content worldstarHiphop chugs out today.

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4. Boobootv.com

Boobootv features bootlegged videos and scavenged content regularly. It is not everyday that we see videos featuring hiphop artists talking about mundane things or just plain goofing around. Boobootv balances itself as both a humor site and as a hiphop site, and it is doing great, unlike most sites who have descended into distasteful blaxploitation and senseless humor.

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3. Sohh.com

This site’s minimalist niftiness is perfect for anyone who wanted their hiphop news on the go without all the usual shock and awe presentation.

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2. Realniggashit.com

Realniggashit.com features everything hiphop: fashion, news, sports, etc, but does it with a humorous dose of nasty. Watch prank videos and pics, laugh at Lebron James jokes and celebrity bloopers, and of course, download and listen to some hiphop.


1. Everyoneloveshiphop.com

Last but certainly not the list, everyoneloveshiphop.com brings to you the latest and hottest stuff hip hop music has to offer. Plenty of exclusive, hot new tracks and videos are waiting for you on a daily basis. If you haven’t been visiting it on a daily basis, you should head there right now.

So if you wanted to get to something new, check these sites out. Do you know any other alternatives to WSHH? Let me know and let us talk about it.