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The 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Songs

Every Tuesday morning a new list appears on the internet and this is the top 10 singles for the Hip Hop/R&B Genre. Some entertainer’s whole career may rest on these numbers because they are in these top 10 slots because of the amount of money they made

Top Ten Places to Find New Hip Hop Music

2014 is here, and while the New Year celebrations have come down to settle, we here are hiphoplists.com are ready to give you the fresh stuff. Itching to get your hands on the newest songs by your favorite artists this year? Check out our list below to

Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of the 90s

It is never easy to write something about the top ten hip hop albums of the 90s, because 90s was the year when hip hop was its top form and a lot of genuises have entered and dominated the scene. But let us give our own humble

Top Ten Hip Hop Music Videos

Hip hop music emerged at a time when MTV was a at the peak of its time and television has never been more ubiquitous. Hip hop has transcended its status as a mere musical genre and its aesthetic has dominated (and arguably, still dominates) the mainstream vibe with

Nine of The Best Hip Hop Blogs

The internet is such a wonderful place. You can get the latest infos, news, happenings literally in seconds after they happened. But it also is a place where misinformation is almost as prevalent as people wearing hipster glasses. While hip hop sites are, to some extent, reliable