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Top 10 Hip Hop Music Artists of 2013

We’re going past the halfway mark this year, and certainly still has a lot of hip hop to digest. Here goes a list of the hip hop music artists who have been turning heads so far, and those who may still go hot for the next half.

Top 10 Hip hop Songs of 2013 (so far)

Newer and newer songs are coming out everyday, but only a few share space at the stop. Reaching the half way mark of 2013, read our list of the best hip hop songs so far. 10. “Collosus,” Tyler the Creator Wolf is a masterpiece of sound and

Top 10 Alternatives to Worldstar Hiphop

WorldstarHiphop.com is a phenomenon, and perhaps will always be one of the best aggregates of hiphop content in the web. But the internet is a vast world, certainly there are sites out there that can be better than what WSHH is bringing out. Here are some of