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Top 10 Jay Z Songs

To make a list of the best Jay Z songs could be hard as this rapper has recorded what is consider some of best Hip Hop music in this genre and many say he is the best rapper of all time. Born Shawn C. Carter in New

The 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Songs

Every Tuesday morning a new list appears on the internet and this is the top 10 singles for the Hip Hop/R&B Genre. Some entertainer’s whole career may rest on these numbers because they are in these top 10 slots because of the amount of money they made

Top 10 Moments in Hip Hop History

Hip Hop began to have an impact on music – that’s hip-hop music – in the Bronx, in the City that never sleeps, New York, during the 1970s. This influence on new music was started among African Americans but Latin influence was in the mix also. This

Top Ten Egyptian Hip Hop Artists

Hip hop is a world wide phenomenon, and while it may not be as obvious as it is considering the immensity of the internet, the genre has planted seeds even in the most unlikely of places. After the political upheavals in the Arab Spring have opened up

Top Ten Places to Find New Hip Hop Music

2014 is here, and while the New Year celebrations have come down to settle, we here are are ready to give you the fresh stuff. Itching to get your hands on the newest songs by your favorite artists this year? Check out our list below to