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Top 8 Brands for Hip Hop Jewelry

If hip hop is a lot about style, then what is more stylish than the shine that jewelry has? The most successful hip hop artists wear their bling bling as a sign of pride for being successful players in their game, of being at the top, and

Top Ten Hip Hop Clothing Brands

Fashion is part and parcel of hip hop culture, and changes in fashion trends is connected to the music and life. The following clothing brands did more than sell clothing: they defined hip hop itself, which is not a small thing. Look over our list of the

Top 10 Greatest Chains in Hip Hop

We all know that rap music and hip hop has got a lot to do with the way these celebrities dress up. And when it comes to dressing up, the “bling bling” sure does add up to the character. Over decades we have seen quite a few

The Top 10 Hip Hop Sneakers of All Time

  We know Hip Hop music and the Hip Hop lifestyle has got a lot to do with the way you dress up. Most of the Hip Hop artists and celebrities out there have some of the most extravagant and flashy getups. Even the fans love copying

10 Most Stylish Rappers of All Time

Rap music is a lot about style. It is how these rap stars present themselves that makes a big difference. While their lyrics and beats are also a main influence, fans these days are also much triggered by the way their favorite celebrity dresses him/her and how