Rap music is a lot about style. It is how these rap stars present themselves that makes a big difference. While their lyrics and beats are also a main influence, fans these days are also much triggered by the way their favorite celebrity dresses him/her and how they carry themselves around. From the bold to the outrageous – rappers are famous for everything they wear. Also, not to forget the accessories that they love to have and all the “bling bling”.

Here is the list of the 10 rappers we believe have shaped up way we look at style and fashion:

10. Notorious B.I.G.

Notable Style: Video of “Hypnotize”.

Signature Look: Double jesus pieces, COOGI sweaters, custom white suits and the iconic apple jack hats.

Biggie looked the finest just prior to his death. Thanks to some additional toning by P.Diddy, he really evolved into a dapper don, who was both, impressive and seductive. He is responsible for defining the 90s hip hop fashion and the COOGI sweaters became a trend in his era. With his Versace shades and leather jackets, he made sure his credibility on the streets was also intact. One of our favorite suiting that Biggie ever wore was those by Groovy Lou. These white suits were a peculiar reminiscence of the peculiar jazz/blues era.

9. Jay-Z

Notable Style: Watch the Throne Tour

Signature Look: Aviators, Yankee fitted, spread collar shirts, suits.

Jay-Z is a person of impeccable tastes. Over the past decade or so, he has developed a repute of being a man of modern American styles. Considering the fashion styles he has had recently, they all became trends in the hip hop world. Some of the best styles he has had include the introduction of platinum, using S.Carters to re-introduce Gucci sneakers. Let us also not forget to mention the way he pimps his car rims.

8. Tupac Shakur

Notable Style: All Eyes on Me era

Signature Look: Gold jewelry, bandanas and Versace leathers.

To this date, Pac remains the benchmark for authentic fashion gangster look. With his bandanas tied to look like rabbit ears, he continues to shine in hip hop fashion, despite his untimely death. How can anyone forget when he came to the Grammys, wearing the authentic “Thug Life” beanie, baggy jeans, wheat Timberlands and Carharrt chore jackets! A fashion legend indeed!

7. LL Cool J

Notable Style: Video of Going Back to Cali

Signature Look: Gold rope chain, Red Kangol hat and boom box.

Rom the very beginning, LL knew what was required for a successful branding. One of his coolest styles was the “don’t fuck with me” muscles. His fashion statement also evolved as he grew. From brands like FUBU, he moved to Gap, and with everything he does, there comes a lot of confidence and originality.

6. P. Diddy


Notable Style: 2007’s Ninth Annual White Party

Signature Look: White Suit.

When it comes to originality in style, there is no other rap artist that can do it better than Mr. Cool, the funky fresh, Sean Combs, P. Diddy! He is much credited as the style god of hip-hop. This mogul has some of the most extensive accomplishments of fashion to his name.

5. Yasiin Bey

Notable Style: 2009 Ecstatic Tour

Signature Style: Five-panel caps, accessories, tailored suits and hardbottoms.

His first impression wasn’t the most striking. However, it was around 2009 that Dante Smith aka Yasiin Bey really came out of the cage, with labels like Paul Smith, Isaia and Caminando. One of his signatures has been Ale et Ange. This brand helped him mix the hip hop culture with more contemporary fits. Competing with the likes of Kanye West, Mr. Bey sure knows how to dress apart.

4. DMC

Notable Style: Raising Hell Tour

Signature Style: Black Fedoras and Kangols, black with white Adidas Superstars, gold cables and oversized cazals.

Ever since the minimalistic look of Run-DMC came out, the crowd got excited and started following them and what they wore. DMC’s approach of “less is more” has been a massive success. One of the crowd favorites has been the single cable made of gold on an all black report. Much thanks to his awesome collection of Kangol hats, DMC instantly became distinguishable, equally complemented by Cazal glasses.

3. Big Daddy Kane

Notable Style: Video of Smooth Operator

Signature Look: Gold chains, four-finger rings, high-top fades and velour suits.

Big Daddy Kane smoothly operates in all the right directions. He set the standard throughout the 80s with his three cuts in brow and the clean lines. Who can forget his thick dookie chains, four finger rings and velour suits – he started it all! Being the most stylish member of the Juice Crew, he also set the standard of hip hop style throughout the 80s.

2. Pharrell

Notable Style: In My Mind Tour

Signature Look: Forward looking streetwear.

Pharrell is the stylish rapper all stylish rappers try to copy! His offbeat and extremely witty accents, tossed with understated cool of his personality made him an instant hit. Almost all the new school rappers have borrowed something from Pharrell – be it Jay Z, Pusha T or Kanye. Wearing all the limited editions by BAPE, Nike and Medicom, Pharrell has shown how exclusive and picky he really is in his styles.

1. Kanye West

Notable Style: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Signature Look: Red suit, shutter shades, Givenchy, Balmain jeans and T-shirt and black tuxedo on top.

Mr. West is fashion and style personified. Defining his style as extremely flamboyant and audacious, Kanye West has literally recreated a style of his own that only he masters in! He has shown exactly how to dress up in big labels such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Maison Martin Margiela. We have seen Kanye in some of the most outrageous styles, such as women’s Celine blouse, Givenchy leather skirt and red 3.1 Phillip Lim suit – but whatever he does, he owns it!


So here you go guys… our list of the 10 most stylish rappers of all time. Do let us know what you think of this list and which artists would you have preferred to see in this list.