Today we are talking about those awesome duos that are responsible for making hip-hop music all-more-popular. The best hip-hop duos were all about team work in rap, topping the charts, tons of awards and that special chemistry that spoke for itself. It is true that to achieve greatness, you need to have a combination of all these. Thanks to these combinations of hip-hop forces, that has allowed these names to become legendary and a household. After quite a tough time deciding on the 10 duos that shaped hip-hop music, we finally sorted them out. So here is the countdown:

10. Blackalicious

Best Album: Blazing Arrow

This duo has been much considered the underdog, but has been in the mainstream for quite some time. To this date, there is a special cult following that admires the swift delivery of Gab which was intriguing and convoluted. And to add to the spices, Chief Xcel always made sure his rhyming partner got the perfect beats. With three awesome albums, Blackalicious did manage to win the hearts of millions and they continue to!


9. Black Star

Best Album: Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star

We can’t recall any other duo that survived solely on the success of one album. Being an exclusive club for the crews of The Fugees and Black Star, we got to witness a combo of the political as well as personal misconceptions in Mos Def and Talib Kweli. To this date, hip-hop artists try to get chunks of inspiration from their work.


8. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Best Album: Mecca & The Soul Brother

With freshness that never goes away, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth did truly demonstrate their worth to all of us with their album titled Mecca & the Soul Brother. With the seamless flow and the so very intricate wordplay, this duo is still regarded as one of the best that ever came. We still love listening to hits like “Straighten It Out” and “The Main Ingredient”.


7. Mobb Deep

Best Album: The Infamous

When we talk about Mobb Deep, we know that he is all about striking a chord with the audience and successfully managing to stick to it. These boys from Queensbridge are responsible for bringing hardcore beats and dun talk up to the mainstream. We still love how they managed to bring about gritty hood narratives and rapid fire gunplay. What worked exceptionally well for the boys was that they stuck to their roots.


6. Boogie Down Productions

Best Album: Criminally Minded

Boogie Down Productions was a teaming up of the musical vision of Scott La Rock and the lyrical acumen of KRS-One. Criminally Minded turned out to be an album that seriously revolutionized the visible landscape of hip hop music. With classic battle tracks such as “The Bridge is Over” and “South Bronx”, the duo made sure they will always be remembered.


5. UGK

Best Album: Ridin’ Dirty

It was over 20 years back in Port Arthur, Texas, that UGK was formed. Pimp C and Bun made sure they would be taken seriously at a time when southern rap was more of a sideline. Pimp C sure did put in a lot of efforts to bring out some of the hottest tunes and compositions to play with. With Bun B’s technically sound flow, the duo got massive reception.



Best Album: Strictly Business

We can say this without any doubts that EPMD continues to be one of the leading rap groups of all time, when it comes to most often sampled in other tracks. With tons of memorable lines from their highly acclaimed albums, EPMD sure has been quite a duo. They brought it all – from feel good head bangers to those anthems that were heavy on samples. And whatever they did – they excelled in it!


3. Eric B & Rakim

Best Album: Paid In Full

What made Rakim so special was the fact that he actually did not have to be a gangster or a thug to grab some ears. Much of the credit goes to his signature monotone flow. And he managed to pull off a string of classic albums with partner Eric B.



2. GangStarr

Best Album: Hard to Earn

DJ Premier is arguably the best hip hop producer that we have ever had. After being in the business for over two decades, the duo with Guru could still pull off amazing stuff in GangStarr. The teaming up of DJ Premier and Guru is one of the best things to happen to hip hop, with a catalog full of stellar albums.


1. OutKast

Best Album: Aquemini

What amazing wonders have the duo of Big Boi and Andre 3000 have achieved with their music as the OutKast! It is without a fact that these boys have literally taken southern hip hop to a whole new level. Staying close to his Georgia roots, Big Boi collaborated with Andre 3000, who is one of the greatest MCs of all time. OutKast is responsible for coming up with some of the most memorable rhymes. Cpeakerboxxx/The Love Below became the first hip-hop collective to ever win the Album of the Year Award at the Grammys. This album also went a mammoth 11x Platinum.

Which of these duos have you enjoyed the most? Share with us the most memorable songs from one of these duos. We are sure there must be quite a few that you still have in your favorite selection library.